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The final phase of the production cycle involves the finishing of the die-cast parts. The current trend is to entrust the same company that produces the castings with any finishing processes that are required.

PMB di Bugatti has its own department for sand-blasting and tumbling and employs selected suppliers to offer the client other types of finish, such as mechanical drilling, threading, milling, painting, polishing, etc.


Cataphoresis treatment is based on a chemical bonding process that applies a resin to the surface of metal products. This process assures the products high corrosion resistance and a perfect-looking finish.


Tumbling is a mechanical form of surface finishing, used to remove any residual metal burrs which result from previous processes, such as moulding or casting.


During the sanding or grinding phase, the piece is processed with great accuracy and precision, initially using coarse abrasive grit and then increasingly smaller granules, in order to make the surface and edges perfectly smooth and uniform


Machining involves the processing of cast parts to make them suitable for coupling with other parts, and includes threading, turning, polishing, sanding, and the boring or reaming of holes.


Sandblasting is a mechanical process of surface cleaning using a jet of abrasive granules and air. It prepares the surface for painting or for the application of a further protective coating.


Painting is the last of the surface finishing operations. The quality of the result depends on how well the cast piece has been prepared for this final treatment.

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